Introducing The North Jersey Scene

New crop of riders in North Jersey

12 Sep 2016

Filmed by Marc Ramos / Additional Filming by Josh Santiago, Shane Ferraro, Justin Seiller, Zack Henderson 

The North Jersey BMX scene has for a long time been a thriving source of street talent and here we have a new crop of riders to keep an eye on.  Introducing Bryan Figueroa, Marc Ramos, Justin Seiller, Zack Henderson, Richie Cole, Quinn Dickson, Ricky Lopez, Luke Padelski, Willim Jorgensen, Alex Cannova, Mister Trevor, and Max Winn in a 20 minute mixtape they surely worked hard to complete.  Looking forward to seeing the DVD they are starting on now! 

"Introducing The North Jersey Scene... We have been working on this mixtape for a little bit now and are all pretty content with what we have managed to get as clips, however, we decided this is just going to be an introduction to a Full Length DVD that we are going to begin working on now! We are all very excited to start the filming for a DVD and let this only be a glimpse of what we have to come.

Riders: Bryan Figueroa (@b_figz) Marc Ramos (@marc_ramos) Justin Seiller (@justinseiller) Zack Henderson (@zj_henderson) Richie Cole (@richieonabike) Quinn Dickson (@quinnnnn___) Ricky Lopez (@montantaricky) Luke Padelski (@lukepedals) Willim Jorgensen (@willimjorg13) Alex Cannova (@alexcannova) Mister Trevor (@mister_trevor) Max Winn (@maxw___)" - Justin Seiller

Montana Ricky and Justin Seiller are supported by DIG Official Partner: Merritt