Via the Barstool Crew

25 May 2022

Video by Michael Haran

It's not everyday you get a full-length video from Ireland, but today is our lucky day. Shout out to the Barstool crew for this one! See some info from the fellas below:

"Started filming in January 2017 and didn't really intend on spending that long on it but as I kept gathering footage and more riders started to get involved it seemed like the logical thing to do was to make a full length project. The majority of the footage is shot in Ireland with a handful of Barcelona bits here and there. This project was a bigger undertaking than anything that I had done before, usually it was a core group of friends who all lived in the same town making it easier to film and organise sessions where as this video has riders from all corners of the country which required more travelling and good times which is what makes it all worth it. It was due to be finished around the end of 2020 but we all know what happened there. I feel like this is some of the best riding and filming that I've been lucky enough to capture and I'm forever grateful for all the effort that was put into it from everyone involved. It was an amazing experience watching a lot of the younger riders progress and come into there own over the course of this and it makes me very proud to have captured it all." - Michael Haran

The list of riders involved:

Errol Flanagan

Eoin Shiel

Dillon Haran

Andre Bonnici

Michael Haran

Jesse Mooney

Dan Mulhare

Ruairi O'Callaghan

Chris O'Neill