James Meliota - 4th Collection

The complete package

4 Jan 2016

FIlming by Collin Mazet / Additional filming by Kyle Connolly, Illes Estes, Thearon Svay, Josiah Webber, Punlieu Tang, Jordan Murphy

James Meliota has been hard at work on his new Collection and it turned out so good. Amazing vibes, nice rolling shots, great riding and beats supplied by the man himself

"Primarily filmed across the state of Maine, but also featuring spots from the East Coast and as far down as Washington, D.C. A big number of these spots were found during the exploration (via 300,000 miles driven, 1999 Tahoe) of Maine's many small but rich gem towns speckled across the state from Sanford, to Skowhegan, and up the coastline to Bar Harbor. Upon visiting some of these places you can identify how the town was envisioned from its inception by discovering the mills, villages, reservoirs, dams, and street layout within its purposely chosen location. When your rolling through the towns there is feeling like your in a place that many have forgotten about or looked over a long time ago. To me, this is one of the gifts that comes naturally with riding bmx and looking for new spots to ride. Every little nook and cranny becomes important to explore and all of the sudden you realize how much bigger your world becomes." - James Meliota