Je suis alors

C'est Bon

7 Apr 2017

Filmed and edited by Tom Kilcoyne

Good stuff from Paris transplant Tom Kilcoyne and friends in and around the French captial. Here's some words from Tom:

"I have been lucky enough to be living in Paris for a couple of months now and the street riding is incredible. Paris seems to provide the ideal blend between raw english spots and the perfect spots you find in Barcelona. With travel and riding bikes intrinsically linked, it only seemed right to get some of the crew out for a visit! The timing couldn’t have been better as the week of their visit included Tom Bright’s 30th birthday and my own 23rd birthday, celebrations all around! We had a productive week filming and shooting photos! Huge thanks to our tour guides – Matthias Dandois, Dmitri Ivanov and Robin Bourhis who took us to some areas just outside of Paris which were an absolute gold mine for spots! So, what does “Je suis alors” mean? The French speakers among you will realise the direct translation is “I am then” which is 100% meaningless, it came about from the Yorkshire ‘French’ speaker Danny Crossley when filming a clip for Matthias and this phrase stuck with us throughout the week."