Joe Simpson C.C.R. Bike Check

"It's long and sleek, just like me."

23 Feb 2024

Filmed & Edited by Stew Johnson / Additional footage by Ryan Sherman and Lucas Deitos

Joe Simpson fucking rips. Watch him get down and nerd out on his S&M rig. Need more - go watch his Decade On The Shield video.

S&M C.C.R. frame - 21.75 TT
Fit Raw Deal Bar
S&M Turtleneck Stem
Reynold's Grips
S&M Widemouth Pitchforks -33mm Offset
Fit Blunt Cranks 175
33T S&M Chainsaw Sprocket
S&M Railed Seat
2.4 Mainline Tire Front/ 2.1 Speedball Rear