JULIAN ARTEAGA - Sunday Bikes - Might As Well

The Man!

6 Nov 2020

Filmed by Jared Duncan and Brett Silva / Edited by Julian Arteaga

Julian Artega is on that list of people who we never tire of watching ride a bike. This new footage for Sunday is a must-see. The gap pegs gap was a thing of beauty especially.

“Imagine not having to worry about a job, errands, alarms, going to school, or any responsibility really. Within these two months filming with Jerry and Brett, that’s how it was. Covid put everything on lock down so we took that as a pass on all the street we wanted. We grabbed my VX2100, hopped in any car and sent it, and holy hell was it fun. There’s nothing like being out with your boys and shooting the shit while filming on some solid setups. Hope you guys enjoy.” - Julian Arteaga