Lowlife - The Last Mixtape 2015

Closing out the year with good vibes

28 Dec 2015

Filmed and edited by Jack Nieraeth / Additional filming by Patrick Bolder, Thijs Vervaeck, Jan Cannoodt, Joram van Dijk

The Lowlife Crew experienced a few bumps in the road this year, but they still had a good time on their bikes and that's what matters.  Fingers crossed that things go a bit smoother for these guys in 2016.  They are closing out the year with good vibes and a sweet mixtape featuring a long list of riders.

"Well, 2015 wasn't the best year for us.. Stolen camera's, glitchy tapes, shitty weather, and the list goes on. Luckily we were still able to get some footage when we weren't too lazy to go out! This is what we got over the summer, hope you guys enjoy! We'll be back in 2016 stronger than before!!

Riders in order of appearance - Leo Szanto, Jack Nieraeth, Kaspars Brivulis, Jorn Tuijnman, Renz Nijsse, Levi Weidmann, Alex Vantomme, Milan Baars, Aaron Zwaal, Anne Hofsink, Floris Bierhuizen, Pim Scheers, Thijs Vervaeck, Remi Bons, Jan Cannoodt, Ermiyas van Diemen, Daan van Wezel, Stef de Backer, Simon van Graafeil, and Nino Weidmann

Thanks to everyone that went in that made this last mixtape possible!!" - Lowlife Crew