This goes hard.

30 Apr 2020

A Film By Mike Vockenson | LUX BMX are Official DIG Partners

Christmas has come four months early for you this weekend on DIG! We're hosting the online premiere, for 72 hours only, of this, the incredible Aeterna DVD from the guys at LUX BMX in Australia. Featuring the likes of Alex Hiam, Boyd Hilder, Cody Pollard and more, this goes hard as you'd expect. DO NOT MISS THIS!

Filmed and edited by Mike Vockenson, the project follows the LUX BMX team over the past 3 years as they work their way around Australia, from the rail ridden suburbs of Perth, the tropical energy of Cairns to the cold, dark hills of Hobart. AETERNA; meaning eternal and LUX; meaning light. The project illustrates the enduring drive and fortified passion of those involved in pushing the limits of strength and character, all in the name of a BMX video. To some, it may seem crazy, it might seem like an obsession, possessed even. The eternal light, it has possessed us all...

LUXBMX Aeterna features full parts from LUX team riders:

Alex Hiam (Colony | Vans)

Boyd Hilder (Odyssey | Vans)

Brock Olive (Kink)

Cody Pollard (T1)

Denby Chandler (Odyssey | Sunday | etnies)

Pat Johns (WTP)

Mike Vockenson (Tempered)

Samson Ross

Wilton Hedley (Tempered)