Merritt Tasers Teaser

A free DVD coming soon at your local bike shop...

6 Nov 2014

Filmed and edited by Scott Mcmenamin

"Full DVD available for FREE at your local bike shop. Tasers – Baltimore and DC with Brandon Begin, Jim Borio, Justin Care, Chris Childs, Charlie Crumlish, Greg Henry, Demarcus Paul and Pete Sawyer. DVD also includes year end remix with the whole team and slide show from the trip" - Merritt

"The Chris Childs show was pretty mind bowing, meeting Greg for the first time was great to, a bunch of people have asked me if I've met him before and always say how much we'd get along. This was true Greg like the rest of the Merritt team was Rad as Heck! I'd have to say that this trip has defiantly been one of my favourites, no hick ups with hotels, no trouble with the travelling, good spots, good people, good food. No major injuries and nothing but smooth sailing." - Pete Sawyer

Check out our full DIG feature article "We're All In This Together" on the Tasers trip right here with great words and photos by Ryan Scott.