Mike Hinkens- Madera X FBM

Rail to rail to fence ride? Check.

26 Sep 2014

Video by FBM

Madera's Milwaukee street cruiser Mike Hinkens is now getting hooked up by FBM, and put together this celebratory edit, as well as an eloquently-stated description:

"I have been traveling and riding my bike for quite a few years now and this year was no different in many ways: cool spots, cool people, fun riding, and unforgettable experiences. As of late, a little bit of "newness" is making all that amazing old stuff even better. I am proud to say that I will be rocking an almost entirely American Made bike courtesy of the usual Madera BMX and now also courtesy of FBM! I am very thankful and stoked to help represent a brand that represents so many of the things BMX is all about: Friends, Fun, Travel, and Community. To say hello to FBM and thank you to both FBM and Madera, here is an edit that I hope is a clear indication of what we all should remember about BMX. Have fun. Ride Bikes." -Mike Hinkens