Mix Section - Volume 'The Finer Things' DVD

Billy Perry, Brian Castillo, Elf, Rob Wise, Biz, Cody Clark, Justin Henninger, and more

28 Aug 2015

Filmed and edited by Mike Mastroni Photo by Devin Feil

Volume's 'The Finer Things' DVD mix section features a stacked line up including am riders Billy Perry and Cody Clark, along with friends Rob Wise, Shawn "Elf" Walters, Justin Henninger, Matt Cordova, Ryan "Biz" Jordan, DIG's own Devin Feil, Volume company owner Brian Castillo and many more. An excellent section start to finish, but the highlight for us by far is the fresh Brian Castillo footage. He really needs to film more, cause clearly Castillo's still got it!

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