Mutiny 'Catasauqua

One week on sacred Pennsylvania dirt with Robbo, Matt Roe and Andy Martinez...

1 Dec 2014

Filmed and edited by Rich Forne

2014 has brought the best summer and fall weather to Catty Woods in years. Pretty much every run was open for business: grooved-in, dry and fast. Sessions have been heated and plentiful, without plentiful heat and precipitation. When Mutiny Bikes head honcho Gaz Sanders decided to spend the first week of October on a trip to eastern Pennsylvania with Robbo, Matt Roe and Andy Martinez, it couldn't have been at a better time. Filmed and edited by the man, Rich Forne.

DIG's own Rob Dolecki was also out in the woods wielding his medium format camera; hit this link for our feature article! - Cruising That Catty Clay