Never Been To Jersey - Full DVD

Chaos in the streets of Estonia

14 Mar 2016

Filmed and edited by Zhenya Solovyov

After seeing the trailer for this in January, the 45 minute DVD is now online for our viewing pleasure. The O.OФ.S crew reside in Estonia's capital, Tallinn, home to one of the biggest BMX events of the year - Simple Session. Maybe this is why there are so many guys in this crew? Whatever - we love it!

"Full length bmx video from Tallinn, filmed between 2014-2016, in more than 10 cities. Includes parts from older riders inspired by classical east coast streets and younger kids who are more into new school street riding. Different styles, various spots, lot of lifestyle mixed with scenes from our favorite movies and 100% atmosphere of estonian streets. + Bonus riding from our friends from Russia, Croatia and USA." - Out of Style BMX