Profile - Coplon's "Cat's Eye" Hubs

Limited Edition

27 Jun 2022

Filmed by Eric "Easy" Fabisiak and Dan Dellorso

Profile's Matt Coplon walks you through the process of manufacturing, de-burring, and hand polishing their limited edition Cat's Eye hubs. You better be quick!

Three years ago, Dave Fisher, Profile's head machinist, gifted a pair of these one-off, drilled out, Profile Mini Hubs to our long time freestyle team manager, Matt Coplon. For the summer of 2022, we've decided to make a small. Ltd. Edition run of what has become Profile's "Cat's Eye" Hubs, available to the public. The "Cat's Eye" Hubs have the same internals and hardware options as our Mini Hubs. Available in Polished only. RHD, with a very limited number available in LHD.