Profile - Grant Castelluzzo 2015

I sold my soul to a set of three piece cranks...

28 Oct 2015

Video by Profile

Profile's Grant Castelluzzo just made the move out west to California so gave a big middle finger to the cold weather and put together the clips he's been collecting back in the Midwest and Barcelona. As usual it's a tech onslaught so keep your eyes peeled, but whatever you do make sure you hit mute on the music... jeez...

‘Goodbye Milwaukee Edit: Filmed mostly in the Midwest and a trip to Barcelona this edit serves as a goodbye to the Midwest. "Most of the time when Grant asks you to film something, his description is so complex and confusing that you hope he doesn't pull it first try so you can figure out what the hell he is talking about. This edit is no different and has its fair share of "rewind and watch again" clips. In addition to his usual tech-wizardry, there is a bunch of spot usage in here that only Grant could figure out. Take a look and then watch it again... you will need and want to!" -Mike Hinkens’