Pole jams, cellar doors, dirt jumps, raves and more in Berlin

27 Sep 2016

Video by Reed Stark

Reed Stark's Safari brings him to Berlin, Germany this time where he found pole jams, curved wallrides, cellar doors, dirt jumps, raves, and more to enjoy with the locals.

"Just another stop on this BMX safari. This time we're in Berlin, Germany. Curved walls, pole jams, cellar doors, coffee sewers, nazi conventions, open air raves, fancy beer, 4ren, guwap, etc etc etc. Shoutout to TSA airport security for dumping out my whole can of Rawr Superfoods.

Featuring Reed Stark, James Dean, Kevin Nikulski, Maggi Lange, Freddy Hlg & many more.

Shout out to the Ride With Friends crew for the hospitality." - Reed Stark

Reed Stark is supported by DIG Official Partner: BSD