All-around geometry for all-terrain shredding...

10 May 2021

WTP's latest Revolver complete, with all-around geometry and that sweet 28-9 gearing:

"2021 COMPLETE BIKES AVAILABLE NOW WORLDWIDE. A bike of quality, craftsmanship and style. Taking our "do-it-all" aftermarket Revolver frame and draping it in some of the finest high-end components, we've managed to create an incredibly sophisticated and balanced bike for the kind of rider that appreciates the finer things in life. The longer 21" top tube and perfect all-round geometry make the Revolver perfectly comfortable on any terrain from the deep end of a bowl, to the mainline of your local trails or even the back streets of a big city. The harder 28-9 gearing gives this rig plenty of juice when the time for pedalling fast comes into play, and the and full assortment of ECLAT Dura Chromoly pegs and hub guards allow you to gun it down any rail insight. Wrap it up with a lifetime guaranteed ECLAT Storm fork and a mesmerising Skipper Green paint finish, the need to build a custom bike really doesn't exist any more when you could be riding on a bike like this fresh out of the box. INCLUDES LIFETIME GUARANTEE ON THE FRAME & FORK"