“From Engineering to Riding”

26 May 2023

Filmed by Asswad Jdailani / Edited by Ryoma Quenot

We're loving this new one from Wethepeople's Robin Bourhis. Full blast and heaps of style!

"I consider this video a recollection of souvenirs from 6 months of filming across Europe with the best people and I hope that you’ll enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed filming it. Thank you so much to everyone for providing me with a place to crash in every city I ended up going to. Thank you to everyone involved in this project. You know who you are, and I do too! Thank you Wethepeople, Eclat, Traffic, Le Comptoir Bike Shop, and DIY Clothing for keeping me rolling. Forever grateful!!" - Robin Bourhis

Check out the full story and a selection of photos here:

In conjunction with Wethepeople BMX

Filming: Asswad Djailani (@lilsaadx)

Editing: Ryoma Quenot (@r_Keno)

Color Grading: Corentin De Meirler (@corentin_demeirler)