New Bike Day!

13 Jul 2021

Video by Traffic Distribution

Traffic Distribution's Artur Meister sits down on a sunny day and slides together a fresh KINK 'Help' Nathan Williams setup and then takes it for a quick debut spin. See below for the full rundown and photos:

Frame: Kink ´Help` 21”, Nathan Williams Signature

Fork: Kink Stoic 20mm

Handlebars: Kink Eagle 4pc 9,5”

Grips: Kink Samurai

Stem: Kink Highrise Topload 48mm

Headset: Kink Integrated 2

Cranks: Kink Brace 165mm

Sprocket: Kink Eastman 25t

Pedals: Kink Hemlock

BB: Kink Mid BB 22mm

Chain: Shadow Interlock Supreme

Front Hub: Eclat Cortex

Front Spokes: Shadow

Front Rim: GSPORT Ribcage

Front Tire: Eclat Creature, Felix Pberg Signature

Rear Hub: Shadow Symbol Cassette

Rear Spokes: Shadow

Rear Rim: GSPORT Ribcage

Rear Tire: Eclat Creature, Felix Pberg Signature

Rimtape: GSPORT

Pegs: BSD Rudetube XL

Seat: Kink Erricson Stealth

Seatpost: Kink Stealth 180mm

Brakes: Vans Slip-On Pro

Tubes: Kunstform

Favorite part and why?

The Williams Frame! Everything got so much easier since I started riding this beast of a frame. And that bone white colorway is just beautiful.

How is the BMX scene where you are?

The biking scene here is not the biggest, we are around 20 riders in Nuremberg. But most of the time I'm out there with the Cancelled Crew homies. I love my boys!

Which parts last you the longest?

I think I could ride a Kink Frame for ages.

Which parts do you wear out the quickest?

Definitely pedals since I started doing a lot of pedal grinds.

Do you do any modifications to your bike?

I cut my bars to 28” and love to get creative with stickers after keeping the whip clean and original for a while. I also sign the topside of the pedals.

Where do you live?

I'm from Nuremberg, Bavaria in Germany.

How long have you been riding and what is your motivation behind it?

I've been riding these kids bikes for around ten years this summer and I can't really tell you guys where my motivation is coming from, but having a good time with the homies, the challenge of filming a scary clip, planning trips or that feeling of landing a new combo. It just never gets boring and I fucking love that.

How have the Covid restrictions affected your riding last year and this year?

Not that much to be honest. For sure it wasn't possible to travel a lot, but we kept busy. Somehow it was great that you were forced to ride your hometown spots over and over again. So you HAD TO get creative on those.

Any plans for the rest of 2021?

I'm working on a DIG x Kink exclusive video right now, which should be done around September. Also a video for my side project ´laterr threads´ is in the works. Tom Weikert, Kilian Reichmeyer and Mattes Torn are on board for this - can't wait to show you guys what we're working on! Besides all of that I'll try to get abroad for a couple weeks sometime this year and just enjoy life as much as I can.

Who are your favorite riders to watch?

There are just too many out there to pick one, but you just have to love everything Hobie Doan is doing. You can literally see how much he loves biking in every single clip and I love that.

If you could ride any spot in the world, where would it be?

I would love to do a trip through the states one day.