Shane Weston - Blind Freecoaster Hub Promo

The wait is over!

10 Nov 2014

Filmed by Darryl Tocco, Little Pat and friends.

Shane Weston has been an innovator of the freecoaster way of life for a long, long time now. Eclat is a company that takes pride in their part development and construction, and that mind set does not stray from the riding style of Shane. This new Hub is working for the street rider, heading toward the innovations of today such as a switchable LHD and RHD... Watch this video and see what Shane has been working on!

"Shane Weston was always influenced by riders before him that forged the way for free coasting and has been on the free coaster game for some time now, mixing complex hop variations with jump box tricks to create this original and mind blowing style, a true pleasure to watch. After a long time in testing and development we are happy to announce the Shane Weston Signature Free Coaster hub Éclat 'Blind' is ready.

The blind hub is designed for the modern street rider that can be flipped from RSD to LSD and even switched into a cassette. It's pretty much the only hub you'll ever need and can be bought as a set with a matching front hub.

Shane has been testing these for nearly 3 years now and he swears by them. He destroyed a bunch of spots in his home town and Austin and came through with this amazing video. Filmed by Darryl Tocco, Little Pat and friends."

- Eclat