Behind the scenes with a DIG photographer

30 Oct 2023

A DIG BMX Production | Filmed and directed by Peter Adam

It’s hard for us to believe, but October 2023 marked 3 decades since the first ever issue of DIG was printed. To celebrate those first 30 years we decided not just to talk about the old stuff (more info on that below), but to also focus on one of the fundamentals of what we’ve always been all about - BMX photography.

Our very own Fred Murray is one of only a very small handful of BMX photographers still working in the world today, and staying true to DIG’s roots he does it all whilst based in our adopted city of Glasgow, Scotland - 5000 miles from where the BMX ‘industry’ has typically been based.

Follow Fred as he gives you a little background on how he got started and how he ended up shooting for DIG, and follow along as he takes you around DIG's adopted home city of Glasgow, Scotland in the company of Reed Stark, re-visiting some infamous hometown spots, before shooting with Denim Cox and Joe Foley for some upcoming BSD projects. The film takes you through what it's really like to be a BMX photographer in 2023, and what it's taken to work continually on the media side of the BMX world , whilst navigating the changes from print to online and back again. There’s even a sprinkle of DIG history stuff in there to enjoy too.

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The DIG 30 Year book ‘THIS BIKE COULD BE YOUR LIFE’ is available for pre-order now and and will be published next Spring.

A six minute version of this film was shown throughout GLASGOW during the 2023 World Cycling Championships supported by Glasgow Life.

Our aim was to show the general public that there was a lot more to BMX than the sanitised version of a ’sport’ that was being delivered to them via the Championships. Watch it here:

More info here: