Simone Barraco - 10%

A Ten Year Celebration

21 Oct 2021

Filmed by: Anthony Perrin, Ellia Sepe and Moritz Nussbaumer / Edited by BCN Kills

Can you believe Simone Barraco has been on Shadow / Subrosa for ten years now?! Time flies when you're having fun i guess. To celebrate the milestone, Simone has been filming this new one at home in Barcelona, and my oh my is it a good one! The overlord of stylish and inventive street riding.

"Simone celebrates 10 years with an all new video in the only place he would want it to be filmed in, Barcelona. A weird year meant not much travel and forced to explore his own city more. This video proves how Simo continues to push originality year after year with the style of riding and the overall look." - Subrosa / Shadow