Simone Barraco - Shadow "What Could Be Left?"

How on Earth could these all be extras?

2 Aug 2015

Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick

If you weren't already waiting eagerly in anticipation for Shadow's 'What Could Go Wrong' DVD to drop, they released an incredible Simone Barraco video to build some extra hype. The title 'What Else Could Be Left?' is perfect, because you'll be left wondering how all these clips could be extras? Hit play, and get ready to order a copy soon as you can!

"Simone Barraco has a wild section in the upcoming full-length Shadow Conspiracy video "What Could Go Wrong?". How insane? Enough to have four minutes of ridiculous footage leftover for an edit. Check it out here and then go to your local shop or mail-order and pick up the video when it drops world wide August 14th!" - Shadow