TEAM SHRALP - Dean’s Dirty 30

Now that's a wild pool setup!

23 Jan 2016

Filmed by Pat Burke / Edited by Dean Dickinson

This year Dean Dickinson turned 30 so what better way to celebrate than have a benefit for the legendary Burnside Skatepark in Portland OR. To kick things off it was away to Phil Tedder's crazy private indoor concrete bowl with the likes of Ron Wilkerson, Dirt Ron, Ratty Maty, Dean Dickinson, Jake Ortiz, Mark Rainha, Andy Merrall, Brian Blyther and more battling it out for high air, best trick, and the "Shred Boner Award." Then it was off to a pool skate/bmx art themed show and live music at Kelly's Olympian, all in the name of Burnside. How incredible would it be having that indoor bowl at your beck and call!?