The Navi Arm BMX - Street Riding In Medellin, Colombia Promo

Ryan Navazio and crew see what Medellin is all about...

3 Feb 2015

Filmed and edited by Ryan Navazio

Ryan Navazio is one of the best videographers in BMX, most known for his superb full lengths Left Right, Insight, Let Em Talk, and Talk Is Cheap, so it's great to see him knocking out of a new project.  The full video drops Friday, February 6th and I for one can't wait to see it!

"Medellin, Colombia is known for outlaw activities. Most notably a notorious drug cartel that has inspired countless films and documentaries. But BMX? Our crew hits the streets with incredible local rider Santiago Muñoz to find out. Full Video drops Friday, February 6.

Featuring riding from Tom White, Mark Gralla, Jackson Ratima, Garret Hoogerhyde, and Zac Costa." - Ryan Navazio