Doing it for Portugal

16 Oct 2022

Photos by Ricardo Silva / Edited by Marvin Zimmermann

The Portuguese BMX scene is very much alive and well! Tiago Tavares is the latest in the DIG Locals series, and it's a real good one. Shout out to Tiago for this one.

"It was an interesting process filming around Portugal for this project. I got injured a few times, had to stop riding for a while, get some physiotherapy work done and also started immersing myself and my health in the Biodynamic approach of Osteopathy, with a friend of mine. All I can say is that I am really hyped with the result, it turned out better than I expected, to be honest. It was worth the effort. I need to thank everyone involved. Everyone that took time to be there filming me, taking photos, supporting me and giving me the hype. I hope you enjoy." - Tiago Tavares