Tyson Jones-Peni - Back Bone DVD

A badass section from the shop co-owner

31 Jul 2017

Video by Back Bone BMX

When the boss is a BOSS.  Tyson Jones-Peni is a co-owner of the Back Bone BMX shop, and looks like he can also lay claim to a few gnarly street spots around town now too.  Big moves on street, park and trails.

"Next up with the release is Back Bone co-owner Mr.Tyson Jones-Peni. Tyson's riding is as powerful and as badass as it gets. He leaves nothing left in the tank and isn't afraid to try something that he has only thought as possible in his own mind.

A large percentage of these clips are close to first try (which is very lucky considering the gnarly nature of them) and Tyson covers all disciplines of riding in a very well rounded section.

When Tyson's not working in the store and he's on his bike, this is an accurate representation of his riding at all times." - Rhysty