Vans x The Bloom - California Trip

Tripping around some sick Cali stops...

18 May 2022

Video by Dan Foley.

Vans got together an awesome crew of ladies for an adventure around Cali:

Vans BMX proudly presents, Vans x The Bloom, a collaboration that brought some of the most inspirational women in BMX together for a tour from Northern to Southern California. Vans x The Bloom kicked off on International Women’s Day and included Bloom BMX co-founders Angie Marino (USA) and Beatrice Trang (CAN), along with photographer Naoki Gaman (JPN). The trip was internationally represented with Perris Benegas (USA), Linda Grabner (AUT), Maca Grasset (CHI), and Teresa Fernandez-Miranda (ESP). Over a span of nine days, the crew ventured on a dream-like tour from San Francisco to Huntington Beach, hitting up parks, trails and street along the way.