Video Vault: Props - Rebel Jam 2010

After a short break, Rebel Jam was back, this time in Portugal...

1 Oct 2014

Filmed and edited by Props

"After two years, of let's say a ‘creative break’, the time was right to bring rebeljam back. We heard about the local scene in Portimão, which was struggling to fund new ramps, and we got in touch to discuss our project. Soon it was decided – rebeljam was going to the beach! It was different than in Berlin for sure, but that’s also what made it special. We wanted to create new things and never become repetitive. We learned a lot during our first international experience – about working mentalities as well (laughs) – but in the end the event was rad, and Portimão had a brand new park afterwards, which they still maintain and ride today." - Andy Zeiss

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