Volume - Jason Enns Cerberus Part

Southern California pool masterpiece with a Brian Terada cameo

29 Sep 2016

Filmed and Edited by Mike Mastroni

What a treat today from Jason Enns, Mike Mastroni, and Volume, a serious Southern California pool masterpiece, complete with Brian Terada cameo and all.  I suspect a whole lot of people are going to have this on repeat the next few days.  There are more than a few noteworthy clips, but that ender really is something else!

Check out Jason's "Pool Shark Splatter" Cerberus build here on DIG

"Volume legend Jason Enns is one of the most dedicated professional BMX riders to ever exist. From his decades of crazy street video parts to his current pool rampage, no matter what he puts out it's always a treat. This new pool/ ditch footage for his new Cerberus colorway is proof that he still goes hard wherever he rides." - Volume