Vans Waffle Jam South Africa 2019

Cape Town Trannies

4 Jun 2019

Video by Morgan O'Kennedy 

The Waffle Jam is annual BMX jam hosted by Vans South Africa in the Mother City of Cape Town. This years Jam gave collaboration a whole new meaning with a large amount of DIY. The project was lead by Vans team rider Brandon Blight, who saw potential in a newly repurposed high school swimming pool as the venue for this years event. The pool has been empty for many years and has lost its structural integrity, deeming it unsafe for use as a swimming pool. In recent years, local skate legend Dallas Oberholzer had come to an agreement with Cape Town High School to allow for DIY concrete trannies to but built inside the school, with the end goal of a unique skatepark in mind. The pool is not yet open to the public, aside from one skate event. Brandon and Dallas put their heads together and began to plan what the BMX riders of Cape Town could contribute to this new park. With only a few weeks away from Cape Towns winter settling in, the planning and building began. More trannies were added in the shallow side of the pool for flow, with the intention of leaving deep end un-modified, as many could agree, it was gnarly enough as it stood. Many riders and homies came through with different skill sets to prepare the pool, ramps, school grounds and cater for the event. Luck was on our side and Cape Town showed us her finest colours, resulting in a warm, wind-less day for the jam. Huge shout out to everyone who came thru for that entire week leading up to the jam and picked up a drill, spade or butter knife. See you all at Waffle Jam 3! - Kevin Schnider


1st - Vincent Leygonie 

2nd - Murray Loubser

3rd - Malcolm Peters 

Best trick - Jason Prins  

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