Weird & Revered in Panama

A man a plan a canal Panama! (but with bikes)

24 Apr 2019

Filming by Justin Schwanke, Jesse Baraniuk, and Thomas Henderson 
Editing by Justin Schwanke

Back in February 2018, Thomas Henderson, Jesse Baraniuk, and Justin Schwanke ventured to Panama for a filming trip. Aside from a few days in a beach town called San Carlos, the trio spent most of their time in Panama City. With a small riding scene, intense traffic, and extremely tight security, it soon became apparent that stacking footage would be tough. The boys did capture a handful of DVD clips, but they ultimately decided to take things in stride and enjoy the cultural activities that the city has to offer. This video is a representation of the more “relaxing” moments of their trip, both on and off the bike.

For the past three years, Canada's Weird & Revered crew has been working on a DVD entitled, "Vagabond Squad." To promote their upcoming full-length project, the boys will be dropping weekly web videos every Wednesday leading up to their May 11 premiere in Edmonton, Alberta. All premiere and download/DVD release info can be found at

“Weird & Revered in Panama” is the crew’s third web video for this pre-DVD series.