Welcome to my own private Idaho

Buzz Words

2 Mar 2016

Filmed and edited by Francis Delapena

Feeling disenchanted with the current state of web videos? Need some flykicking stormtroopers? This is probably for you. Francis Delapena gets super creative in this one. Kanye is pissed.

"Buzz words that do not describe this bike video: Epic. Creative. Viral. Keep expectations to a minimum. It was mainly captured on an iPhone attached to a three legged selfie stick, and a GoPRO sitting on the ground. I really wanted Taylor Swift to be a part of this, but she isn’t. Justin Bieber isn’t in this either, but that’s for the best. Kanye West tweeted at me to plug his fashion line, but I refused. What am I rambling about? Butts." - Francis Delapena