Whats Happenin' at LUXBMX - Episode 7

Big Salad's Fire Drill, epic BMX build & More

24 Oct 2023

Video by LUXBMX

More behind-the-scenes goodness over at LUXBMX!

"LUXBMX CODE Guy Unveiled!
Join us as we track down the enigmatic LUXBMX CODE guy to discover the secret behind his daily escapades. What's he up to, and why all the secrecy? Find out in this thrilling episode!

Safety First: Big Salad's Fire Drill!
Safety is a top priority, and Chief Fire Warden Big Salad demonstrates just that in this video. Watch as he conducts a fire drill to ensure everyone's well-being in case of emergencies. Learn valuable safety tips in this essential episode.

Evan's Epic BMX Bike Build!
Get ready for some BMX action as Evan takes the tools to create an incredible custom BMX bike. Follow along as he shares his passion for bike building, and witness the impressive end result in this exciting video.

Bruce Morris Takes Home Silver!
It's all about the thrill of the race track as BMX racer Bruce Morris competes for glory. While he may not have clinched the gold, watch the exhilarating journey that led him to the silver medal in this intense video. BMX fans, this one's for you!"