20 Years On WTP

21 Dec 2023

Video by Jonny Devine

Almost twenty years ago, Will Jackson scored the cover of DIG issue 39, as well as a full-length interview in the magazine. Hailing from the North of England and riding for Wethepeople, Will Jackson was not a superstar rider you’d see on televised events or in ads for energy drink — he was just a dyed in the wool BMX rider that lived and breathed riding, and did everything he could to quietly mine his own path through the murky depths of professional BMX riding.

Through local videos, Backyard Jams, and eventually bigger video projects like Wethepeople’s “Etc.” video, Will Jackson started to get noticed. He possessed an impeccable barspin to icepick, navigated technical grind combinations on rails with ease, and threw in the odd tabletop when you least expected it. As a pro, Will managed his expectations, never got a big head, and continued to search for the perfect bank to rail setup throughout the North of England. That was a long time ago.

Somewhere along the way, Will Jackson the pro BMXer with no responsibilities became Will Jackson the family man with a teaching job. But, he never stopped riding. In fact, Will’s riding circa 2023 feels like a natural extension of the same Will Jackson that appeared on the cover of Dig almost twenty years ago. He hasn’t toned it down or switched up his style to “go easier on the knees.” He’s still out in the streets, hopping, grinding, and quietly mining his own path through BMX.

Recently, we hit Will up to get his take on getting old, riding for Wethpeople, still getting out in the streets, and his thoughts on how commonplace helmets have become. (Will was an early adopter.) He’s also been documenting his riding in both photo and video. And what’s really amazing is that Will is still riding some of the same spots he was riding in his interview in Dig in 2004. Clearly, there’s a reason this video is called “Muscle Memory.”

Enjoy this early Xmas gift, courtesy of Will Jackson. - Brian Tunney