Words - Nathan Williams & Corey Martinez On 'Still United' DVD

Looking back on 2 years of filming in 10 countries

21 Mar 2016

Edited by Zach Krejmas / Lifestyle footage courtesy of Peter Adams & United

Nathan Williams and Corey Martinez looking back on 2 years of filming for United's newly released 'Still United' DVD.  Check our related content section below for DIG exclusive features on the production and coverage from the worldwide premieres of United's latest masterpiece...

"We sat down with Nathan Williams & Corey Martinez to have them reflect upon the past 2 years of filming for United's new DVD release "Still United". Topics discussed include dealing with injuries and life's outside stresses, approaches to filming for a DVD section, traveling to 10 countries in 24 months, filming with Peter Adams, favorite sections, and more... All coupled with behind the scenes glimpses from the b-side of the cut, delivered by the director himself. If you've seen the video already, this serves as a nice companion and offers some insight. And if you've yet to see the video, you can pick up a copy today at a fine BMX retailer near you.  Thanks and praises to United for providing the BMX comunnity with a timeless video that is surely an instant classic" - RideBMX

The awesome STILL UNITED is available to buy here here on DVD or Digital Download.