'Z-Tape' - BMX In Tel Aviv

6 Months in Israel

26 Apr 2020

Filmed and edited by Dennis Kraus

During the summer of 2019, Germany's Dennis Kraus spent six months in sweltering Tel Aviv, Israel, hanging with all the Tel Aviv Locals, with nothing but his backpack, bike and camera. Filming for a few hours before dark each day, he put together this mixtape from his time there. Featuring Alon Kosoy, Ariel Sanchez, Alkasha, Boris Choumakov, Fred Berstein, Max Khodchenko, Noam Uliel and Sasha Kozhokar.

"There was one thing I didn’t considered when I went to israel - the summer times in the middle east are literally melting. Temperatures didn’t fall below 25 degress during the night, including humidity of about 70%. The sun burnt like hell and the sun cream was fucking expensive. This has made the situation not so easy when going out in the streets riding, but we kinda made it every two hours before it got dark and the sun wasn’t too strong. Nevertheless we decided to make a tape with all the footage and call it "z-tape“ (I didn’t really got the point about „z“, but they said it more often than yes or no haha.. remember to Kodak Black - ZEZE „this that z-shit, this that z-shit..") All in one I can only say that Israel has a fuckin' dope BMX culture and I really miss all the homies over there. Can’t wait to go back end of the year to catch up with them again." - Dennis Kraus