Zach Krejmas 'KANODE KNOWS' X DIG Podcast

A New Podcast Partnership

5 Sep 2022

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We’re very exited to drop the news that we’ll be teaming up with Bobby Kanode and his 'Kanode Knows’ podcast from here on out. We’ve got a great one to kick things off with Odyssey/Sunday's in-house filmer Zach Krejmas and some insights on starting out as a filmer, studying videos frame by frame as a teenager, current favourite riders and way more - this is a goodie! If you’d prefer to listen to this on the move you can catch ‘Kanode Knows’ on the DIG Spotify and Apple podcasts. Enjoy and let us know who you’d like to see on the podcast.

"Zach Krejmas is a BMX rider and filmer from California. He's the in-house videographer and TM for Odyssey/Sunday. We talk about our past together, his whole career in the industry, who to watch out for, and much more. Zach's a really smart dude and knows what's up. Thank you for watching!" - Bobby Kanode

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