Snapshots - Dodge Fools Through Patagonia

4,000 kilometers of Argentina landscape in a 1975 Dodge Coronado

11 Jun 2016

Words and Photos by Agus Glauber

"Dodge Fools...that was easy, right?  Like the Road Fools videos we used to watch on tv in our early days riding, but instead of a big rig, a 1975 Dodge Coronado.  The joy of being on the road with your friends hitting new spots, meeting new people and just fooling around for a couple weeks is something you got to experience to really know and feel what thats about. Because of having jobs and other responsibilities it may be just a two weeks a year experience, but it will always be worth the wait.  BMX is so universal I feel this pictures represent the same to me as to riders in the other five continents.

When the most accurate way to describe your vacations is 'You had to be there, man' then you realize you made good decisions. As simple as that.  A 4000km trip with friends to the patagonian area of the country for two weeks; to make it even more epic, hitting the road on a 1975 Dodge Coronado, bikes in the trunk; Recipe for good times.  We rode every spot and park we could find and dove every lake we encountered.  Hope you like it." - Agus Glauber