AC - What is Architectural Cycling?

A new project from James Meliota

21 Feb 2018

Edited by James Meliota

James Meliota, who you may remember as the uber creative rider from Maine, has started up a new project called Architectural Cycling, and this video here serves as an introduction.

"A look into the world of architectural cycling and the journey of searching local and international for new urban structures, tasty cuisine, viewpoints and other context from the trek. This is the introductory feature for the A.C. channel. 

Shot on location: Mongkok, China. Hong Kong, China. Macau, China. San Jose, Costa Rica. Limon, Costa Rica. Jaco, Costa Rica. Punta Arenas, Costa Rica. Montreal, Canada. Quebec, Canada. Toronto, Canada. Parc de la Jacques Cartier, Canada. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Burlington, Vermont. Harts Location, New Hampshire. Bar Harbor, Maine. Bristol, Maine. Bucksport, Maine." - AC's James Meliota