Arnaud & Thérien - Taz Split Edit

Montreal, 4 pegs x2, and some tech moves

17 Apr 2018

Filmed by Mathieu Bonin, Vlad Poloukhine, Luka Adams-Chassé, Pascal Lafontaine and Arnaud P. Paquin

Edited by Arnaud P. Paquin, Pascal Lafontaine
Video animation Pascal Lafontaine

Canada is cold and the winters long, although Quebec has it good with Taz Skatepark in Montréal. Arnaud P.Paquin and Alexandre Thérien aka. BIG T LA LÉGENDE made this video happen over those cold days. Lots of 4 peg tech and solid use of those predator grinds, doing it big for La Cribs Bike Shop.

"Too bad Joel Marchand was too busy painting his car to get some clips like the videos in the past. But he did get his face photoshopped in there to be the special guest, haha. As well a thanks to Imported Bmx & Manish Crew for helping with filming."