"Do i look like a man who would lie to you?"

18 May 2022

Video by Fred Murray

Dank Banks. Ban Danks. Whatever you want to call him, he has got to be one of the greatest engineering brains of the past century. We sat down in his lab to get all his scientific insights on his latest build and the Wethepeople Trigger frame, in his signature colourway, to be exact. We also got a sneak peek at his upcoming seat that can only be described as "wowsers". Want to know why his headtube is shaped like a BMW "front-chassis"? Or why you should saw your sprocket in half? Look no further...

Check Dan's Bike info below:

Frame - WTP Trigger frame (Dan Banks colourway)

Stephan 20.5” / 8.75” / 12.75”

Riley 20.75” / 9” / 12.75”

Dan 21” / 9.3” / 13”

Bars - WTP Pathfinder 4pc 9.6

Forks - WTP Battleship 24mm

Headset - WTP Compact

Stem - WTP Logic

Grips - WTP Remote

Front wheel - WTP Supreme hub / WTP Logic rim

Back wheel - WTP Hybrid hub / WTP Logic rim

Cranks - WTP Logic with BB Buddy spacer

Sprocket - WTP Pathfinder 28t

Seat - WTP Dan Banks seat

Seatpost - WTP Pivotal

Pegs - WTP Toxic v2

Pedals - eclát Centric

Tyres - WTP Activate

Dan Banks Files

15 Nov 2017