Premium Blend Ep. 4 - DRONED

30 Sep 2021

Filming / Edit Joey Cobbs

Additional Filming by Elevated Perspective and Colin Varanyak

Premium's Chad Kerley, Markell Jones and Colin Varanyak hit the streets for a Sunday session, find a really sick roof setup and then get swooped by the local drone police! Yeah, you read that right...

"Sunday street session with the crew is something that happens a thousand times for the seasoned rider. But it's not everyday you ride a school, see a drone hovering above, and then get BUSTED by that drone which turned out to be a COP DRONE!! There's a first time for everything and we have officially been booted by RoboCop! The cops were cool though and we kept it movin' haha. Hit play and enjoy our day out in the streets and be sure to keep an eye out for our next episode of Premium Blend, dropping in a couple weeks!" - Premium BMX