Business 2 Trailer

Back to Business in Halifax

29 Aug 2015

Video by Ian Fleming

The Business BMX in Halifax, Nova Scotia guys dealt with a bit of thievery which set their video production back, but thanks to contributions from the online community they've been able to get back on track to finishing the video up. We're looking forward to seeing the final product of their years of hard work dropping soon, and be sure you share it with you when it does!

Donate to Ian Fleming / Business BMX's Go Fund Me page

"This is the trailer for our full length which we've been working hard on for 4 years. Featuring our large BMX scene in the maritimes, countless riders have put an incredible amount of work into this and the end product is showing.

Recently we've run into some bad luck and lost our editing software and a large amount of camera gear to theft. I just wanted to extend a sincere thank you to anyone that has donated, shared, liked, commented on the GoFundMe page that was made. With your help I'm able to get on my feet and continue/finish making this film of my friends. Thank you." - Business BMX