CORONATAPE ft. Jake Norris, Alex Hiam, Brock Olive, Jacman Hinns and more


5 Jun 2020

Filmed and edited by Tim Storey

We've got a 13 minute Aussie treat for ya today from Tim Storey and the CLVLND fellas, and damn is it stacked with names. Serious moves from James Peace, Jake Norris, Carraig Troy, Tim Storey, Weexey, Jon Mackellar, Ben Winter, Ryan Rostirolla, Cobe, Samson Ross, Guy Perrett, Jacman Hinns, Caleb Gilbert, Kyle Fletcher, Jerry Vandervalk, Mikey Palmer, Pat Johns, Alex Hiam, Mick Bayzand, Polly, Josh Turley, Marius Dietsche, Brock Olive, Denby Chandler and Dylan Steinhardt.