5 minute glimpse into one awesome vid...

25 Aug 2021


YES. We've been looking forward to seeing the Moto-Bunka DVD, and it's now avaiable:

One-hour BMX documentary video consisted of 16 chapters. In 2015, Daisuke Shiraishi who is the director moved from his home town Ehime to Tokyo. He started the creation of “CROSSOVER” based in Tokyo. This is the culmination of the five years of focusing on BMX riders with his camera all around the world from Japan, Asia, USA, Europe and various places. Starring Japanese domestic sponsored riders, creative riders, legendary riders from around the world and riders who have been hiding in the shadows. The soundtrack has been provided by DJs, Track makers that Daisuke met during his travels around the world. In addition, there are also soundtracks created just for “CROSSOVER”. Focusing not only on BMX riders, “CROSSOVER” is a completely original BMX movie bringing artists from different genres together from Sound, Photography, Graphics and much more. “Crossover of generations and national borders, BMX riders from all over the world come together.” Number of riders: 98 Shooting period : 2015-2021 Project Member Countries: Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, United States, Canada, England, Belgium, France, Australia"

Available HERE; more info on worldwide dealers carrying the DVD in the video description HERE.