Should We Just Post This On Instagram?

Dan Foley X Will Stroud

28 Nov 2016

Filmed by Will Stroud | Edited by Dan Foley

"This past spring, Will Stroud and I began working on a project for DIG. When we started, it was clear that Will and I would both have busy summer schedules and that the project wouldn't necessarily be a quick one. However, my schedule ended up being busier than expected and it never seemed to line up with Will's.

Over the passing months, I quit my bike sponsor and surprised even myself by switching to a freecoaster. These changes made me want to get these clips out sooner rather than later. Will was super understanding, gave me the clips, and here we are with about a minute of old footy. Maybe I should've just posted it on Instagram." - Dan Foley

Dan Foley is supported by Official DIG Partners: Vans