DIG LOCALS - Antoine Baeulieu ‘HotAndCold’

From Qubec City to Long Beach

19 Aug 2020

Video by Stephan August and friends

Antoine Baeulieu hails from Quebec City Canada. After stacking footage for the last two years on his favourite unique set-ups and battling the big Canadian winters. He decided to head down to Long Beach for 5 months, without knowing anybody. After going out into the unknown he met, and rode with everyone down there and sleep on a bunch of couches, having the best time of his life. Throughout the time he was there Stephan August filmed a enough for an edit and even a few guest clips from Christopher Gonzales " @SPEEDYGMX, Matt Comeau "@CATTMOMEAU" and Trevor "@TREVMAGS". Doing it for OGCBMX, hotandcold and Mathieu Performance Bike Shop