DIG Territories #3 - Sunday VS Germany

12 Minutes of Prime Bratwurst

28 Sep 2018

Filmed and edited by Walter Pieringer

Here it is! Send a crew consisting of Julian Artega, Alec Siemon, Brett Silva, Gary Young, Aaron Ross, Jared Duncan, Erik Elstran, Chris Childs and Jake Seeley to Germany for two weeks and you're in for a doozy - a 12 minute one at that. Enjoy the third instalment of our Territories series, with official DIG partners SUNDAY BIKES, and then order the Territories magazine (including • 64 page DIG X SUNDAY ‘TERRITORIES’ Magazine, 1 x DIG X SUNDAY ‘TERRITORIES’ double-sided poster, 2 X DIG X SUNDAY ‘TERRITORIES’ postcards, 1 x DIG X Sunday Sticker Pack).