Felix Prangenberg - DIG 'Youth Of Today' Video

Proving that age really is just a number...

23 Jun 2015

Filmed and edited by Leon Langenbach

This does not feel like a photo and video shoot for the ender of a web edit... It’s more like a family trip to Disney World. Felix, his younger brother and his best friend and filmer Leon are sitting on the back seats of a minivan. Felix’s Dad is driving and absolutely nothing suggests that in about 30 minutes he’ll be on the lookout to warn us if the Police come back while his son climbs onto a roof and 180s off of it. But this kind of scenario is quite normal for Felix. He’s too young to have a driving license and has to rely on his parents driving him everywhere. Yet, he has a mean tabletop, does the biggest truck drops with ease and on top of all that he’s one of the most relaxed guys to be around. Felix Prangenberg really proves that age is just a number. - Martin Ohilger

Read the full interview here.

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